Vrdovo tour

Mount Vrdovo - river Cetina


The tour begins in the village of Rumin. We drive with a car (included in the price) to beginning of mount Vrdovo (900 m above sea level) where we grab our bikes and start biking over Vrdovo plain on pleasant macadam road for 10 km.
We arrive to a part where asfalt begins and from where we have amazing views of lake Peruća, mount Svilaja and field of Sinj. We enjoy the views on our break.
Then 12 km descent awaits us with some more beautiful views. We pass the village of Bitelić and Ponikva field, and arrive to the river Cetina.
We drive the final part of the tour along the river Cetina in the length of 3 km.
After returning to Rumin, we drive to the old mills for sightseeing.

Lenght: 26km (circular)
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Fitness level: A low level of fitness is required.
Biking tour departure times: upon agreement.
Price: 53 € (400 HRK) per person

What to bring: sport shoes, sun protection, clothes according to weather conditions, small backpack for personal belongings.
Info: There are no toilet facilities available during the biking tour (only on start/end).
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vrdovo tour